Sunday, July 31, 2022

Download Fouad iOS WhatsApp v9.35 the latest version

What is Fouad iOS WhatsApp?

Fouad iOS is the latest WhatsApp MOD iPhone style 2022 app with theme colour customisation options, prevent message deletion, hide contact status, blue check mark after reply, iOS emoji selection, privacy and security and more.

Download Fouad iOS WhatsApp v9.35

What is Fouad iOS WhatsApp?

Fouad iOS is a MOD version of WhatsApp for iOS (iPhone) for Android devices, recreated by stefanoYG. Previously Yowa iOS was the name of the original Fouad iOS package based on YoWhatsapp.

However, Yousef Al-Basha under the original developer's name no longer develops YoWA feature capabilities, so the stefanoYG team created a re-Mods version of the current FOUAD-based product.

This iOS-like online chat-based application has all the features and benefits of one of the almost similar Sanemoku WhatsApp iOS names as well.

Typically, the latest version of Fouad iOS WhatsApp includes several ongoing feature additions. These include changes to the redesigned theme section and the option for status-responsive emojis.

Here are some of the full features of the Fouad iOS WhatsApp app for Android.

Key features:

Privacy and security: lock apps/chat logs, freeze last seen, disable forwarding, who can call, hide show status, prevent deletion of status, prevent deletion of messages, blue check mark after reply, group privacy, etc.

Sticker Manager: Download stickers from many categories.

MB Themes: Download a variety of existing Fouad iOS themes without having to re-edit them.

Speed of Sound: Install a plugin to change the speed of voice chat.

Message Scheduler: Set up automatic messages when sending replies.

Writing Styles: You can find a selection of 3 iOS fonts in MBPrefences Settings > General > Display Styles > Writing Styles.

Private Messaging: Chat with other users without having to save the number first.

DOT OFF/ON: a function to know whether your contacts are visible online or offline. However, you can turn it off in MBSettings.

Dialog bottom: The ability to change all the colours of the dialog columns in the application.

TURN OFF LARGE EMOTION: If you do not want to show large emoticons, choose to turn them off.

Hide archives and groups: turn off all broadcast messages in groups or hide chat.

Turn off search bar: Hide the search bar button on the home screen.

Themes: allows you to change themes, download, save, restart, restore, share, delete and also import themes in XML format.

Backup Chat: You will need to backup your chat before you can start using the application. (if valid).

General settings: All custom settings including iOS colours, iOS fonts, launcher icons, display styles, emojis and more.

Language support:English, Spanish,Arabic, Turkish,Indonesian,Italian, Hindi,German, Azerbaijani , Malay, Russian, and more.

iOS navigation styles

Share HD images: You can receive and send high quality images.

Conversation cards: You will find chat cards with the latest card shapes that you can easily switch between.

Ad-free: You can now disable all types of ads.

Home screen: You can set the colour display on the top header, lines, floating action buttons, status, photo angle size (max 100r).

UI style navigation: you can find it in Fouad MoDs > Home screen and captions.


You can see that we can find many types of WhatsApp MODs on the internet with different features and appearances, so please use them according to your preference.